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How to register

Post  Alpha Svenska on Tue Dec 29, 2015 3:52 am

A Guideline On How To Register

                                                                                   To register, you must have 1) read the rules
                                                                                   And 2) be  13+ of age. Please Read below

When registering, you must have a vague idea on what or who your main wolf fursona will be, at least a name, as your wolf's name will be your username when using or logging onto this site. The age will also be your wolf age, also the gender. 

Personal information is respected here at RHP, and we will not pressure you into revealing anything. However, your age MUST be older then 12, as this site is  advanced and meant only for more mature audiences.

When finished registering, post here to announce it by filling out the form below, and a member of the council will activate your account as soon as possible.

When activated, it is suggested that you try and get familiar with the site. Get to know the other members, then make your characters biography Smile

Username:(Username used when registering)
Species:(Character's species)
How did you find us?:(How you came across our site)
Why are you interested in joining?:(self-explanatory)
Activity Level:(1-10)

 When ready to join the community of Regional Hunter's, click HERE
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